Who are we?


HUTAN is a French Non-Governmental Organisation established on the 15th of January 1996 in France by Dr. Isabelle Lackman, a primatologist with Dr. Marc Ancrenaz, a wildlife veterinarian.  Our French NGO registration number is: N 1/09696.  The primary aim of HUTAN is to study orang-utans in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

In 1998, HUTAN together with the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) established Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Project – KOCP to carry out the aim of HUTAN’s orang-utan research and a small conservation centre was built in the village of Sukau in the heart of the Kinabatangan wetlands in eastern Sabah.

Initially, we conducted studies and an in-depth stakeholder’s consultation process to identify and understand the complex threats faced by the orang-utans. Our findings were used by the SWD to develop and implement a sound and efficient orang-utan conservation strategy, first for the Lower Kinabatangan region and later on for Sabah.

Since then HUTAN and KOCP are synonymous in synergy and has grown holistically to include working on other wildlife issues including the endemic Borneo Pygmy Elephants.  HUTAN-KOCP also works with local communities to address human-wildlife conflict as well as alternative livelihood.

Today, our team is composed of 50 highly skilled staff hailing from the Kinabatangan local community, working with immense dedication in close collaboration with an effective network of Sabahan partners including government agencies, Non-Governmental-Organisations and research institutions as well as private stakeholders.

The original KOCP Station in Kampung Sukau.  Photo by HUTAN/Marc Ancrenaz
The original KOCP Station in Kampung Sukau along the Kinabatangan
The new HUTAN Station shared with the Sabah Wildlife Department. Photo by HUTAN/Harjinder Kler
The new HUTAN Station shared with the Sabah Wildlife Department








In 2010, HUTAN-KOCP saw a number of changes.  We moved into a section of the SWD Station in Kampung Sukau at the kind invitation of the Department.  We now share the same base as them located directly along the Kinabatangan River.

Recognising the growth of our work and projects, the Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Project was renamed Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Programme.  To reflect this, our original logo (seen top of this page) was updated to accommodate these changes.  Hence, we are now know as HUTAN-KOCP.

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