Wildlife Monitoring Training Programme

Feb 02, 12 Wildlife Monitoring Training Programme

HUTAN-KOCP run wildlife monitoring training’s for Government Departments, community based organisations, conservation NGOs and corporate bodies when requested.

This training was provided for Hijauan Bengkoka Plantations Sdn. Bhd. running an acacia forest plantation located on the on the Bengkoka Peninsula in the Pitas District in the north of Sabah, Malaysia.

They currently managed area of Acacia mangium plantation forests in this plantation is 15,361 hectares and was previously , previously established by the Sabah Forestry Development Authority (SAFODA).

The plantation also border on the Bengkoka Forest Reserve which is managed by the Sabah Forestry Department as a Class 1 Protected Forest.

We conducted a week long training for a group of 18 people with time in the field to cover practical aspects as well as time in a classroom to cover the more theoretical aspects of wildlife monitoring.

As it is a forest plantation and also borders a Class 1 Protected Forest, wildlife monitoring is a important crucial to understand how much wildlife uses this type of plantations. Staff there had reported sightings of the wildlife found only on Bornean such as the Sunda Clouded Leopard and Proboscis Monkey, as well as the elusive Banteng (wild cattle) and sunbear.

Walking though the forest.

Monitoring by boat. HUTAN/Berjaya Elahan





Hijauan Bengkoka is also currently under going Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification which requires them to undertake wildlife monitoring.


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