Elephant Research Networking

Apr 28, 12 Elephant Research Networking

The Sabah Wildlife Department hosted this meeting which was organised by Dr. Benoît Goossens of Danau Girang Field Centre and Dr. Carl Traeholt of Copenhagen Zoo with conservationist from Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia who are working on elephant research throughout this region.

Attendees were from the government sector, universities, zoos and non-governmental organisations, all whom were conducting research or conservation work with elephants.

The idea of this meeting was to touch base and share expertise and experience as they is much commonality between the various countries in attendance.  The final aim of the meeting was to continue networking and sharing ideas and issues via emails.  Dr. Goossens will be preparing a email list and sharing with all that attended.  If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Goossens via email at: GoossensBR@cardiff.ac.uk


Nurzhafarina Othman of DGFC giving a briefing on the current research being conducted in Sabah on elephants at the meeting.

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