Wildlife Warden’s

Honorary Wildlife Warden’s – HWW

Recognising that threats to wildlife and protected areas are constant the Sabah State Government included the provision of appointing Honorary Wildlife Wardens under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment of 1997 (WCE).

The Enactment allows the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) under which the WCE is managed to train and appoint the Honorary Wildlife Wardens (HWW).

HUTAN-KOCP staff were first appointed HWW beginning in 2001 after attending a training session and successfully completing the test required.

While the majority of HUTAN-KOCP staff members have HWW accreditations, in 2008 HUTAN established a dedicated team to focus on HWW work full time.

The HWWs also follow other Units such as  OURS, ECU and HEAP (educational purposes) to provide support during their activities.

In 2009 the Unit moved into their own offices located directly by the Kinabatangan River and close to the entrance of the village of Sukau.  It is also located adjacent to the Police Station for Sukau and the Station of the Forestry Department for the area which is a plus point for the HWW as they carry out their work.