Orang-Utan Research Staff – OURS Unit

The work research carried out by HUTAN-KOCP in Sukau marked a landmark in the scope of orang-utan research. It was the first time that orang-utan research was carried out in secondary (that had been previously logged or disturbed) forest.

The conventional thinking among primatologists studying orang-utan in the wild was that they could only live and survive in primarily (un-logged or disturbed) forest.

However, after meeting with the Sabah Wildlife Department and visiting Sukau, Drs. Isabelle Lackman and Marc Ancrenaz quickly realised the potential for orang-utan research that had not been done anywhere else within the orang-utan world.

Photo courtesy of Paul Swen

These findings were consequently published in leading scientific journals. Today, orang-utan researchers in Indonesia are also following the Sabah example and now carry out orang-utan research in secondary forest as well.

Even thought HUTAN-KOCP does much work outside the scope of orang-utan research, their remains a dedicated Orang-utan Research (OUR) component within KOCP which continues to carry out orang-utan research work.

To date, OURs has complied more than 15,000 man hours of solid observation data and carries out daily monitoring throughout the year (except on Friday’s and certain religious holidays) within Lot 2 of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (LKWS).