Elephant Conservation Unit – ECU

Since 2000, HUTAN has been monitoring the levels of human-wildlife conflicts within the Lower Kinabatangan region, assessed their causes and has worked with the Sabah Wildlife Department to develop innovative solutions to mitigate these conflicts.

In 2002, HUTAN set up the Elephant Conservation Unit (ECU) with a group of villagers to assist local farmers to efficiently control wildlife crop-raiding damages in village orchards and small-scale oil palm plantations.

Combining traditional knowledge of the local wildlife and area with intensive technical training, the ECU has so far succeeded in greatly reducing the extent of damages caused by elephants to the villagers’ crops.

Today, the ECU works closely with the Honorary Wildlife Wardens as they assist each other in their respective roles.

ECU’s mission is “to contribute to the long-term survival of the Kinabatangan elephant population by restoring more harmonious relationships between the local communities and the elephants”