The Majestic Hornbill

Jan 18, 12 The Majestic Hornbill

The Kinabatangan is a wonderful place to see hornbills and they are eight recorded species in the area;

Helmeted hornbill  (Rhinoplax vigil)

Rhinoceros hornbill  (Buceros rhinoceros)

Wrinkled hornbill (Aceros corrugates)

Wreathed hornbill  (Rhyticeros undulates)

Bushy-crested hornbill  (Anorrhinus galeritus)

White crowned hornbill  (Berenicornis comatus)

Black hornbill  (Anthracoceros malayanus)

Oriental pied hornbill  (Anthracoceros albirostris)

All hornbill species are long-lived and slow breeders. They generally form monogamous (one mate) pairs with a unique nesting behaviour.  Unlike birds (and orang-utans) that make nest, hornbills are hole-nesters, preferring natural cavities (holes) in large hollow trees.  The female hornbill seals the entrance to her nest cavity, leaving only a narrow slit through which she, and later her chicks, receives food from her mate. As seen in these three pictures below.

HUTAN/Marc Ancrenaz

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