The Kinabatangan

Jan 06, 12 The Kinabatangan

The Kinabatangan Floodplain is an amazing place because of the abundance of wildlife in small proximately.

Unfortunately this immediately indicates the “problem” of this area, lack of space and habitat has led wildlife to the edges of what remains of the secondary forest (this area was logged beginning in the 1930s).

The Lower Kinabatangan where the 12 Lots of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is located is where they are villagers, tourism operators, researchers and masses of oil palm plantations!  Yet, it also here, you will see orang-utans, the endemic Borneo pygmy elephant, Proboscis monkeys which are found only on Borneo, the sunbears.  Naturally this list goes on and on.

This is why it is crucial to have a balance between all the “users” of this area to ensure that the future generation get to see the wonders of the majestic Kinabatangan River.

Balance means we need to “fix” the broken landscape of today where plantations have cut of access from one forest patch to another.  We need to find unique ways to link corridors or have patches of forest so that wildlife can move between the different areas safely.  The picture below illustrates an example of a broken landscape with not much of a buffer (or corridor) left between the river and the plantation.  Such buffers would not only benefit wildlife but also people who still rely on the river as a source of water.  Buffers would also prevent siltation and erosion of the river banks.

HUTAN/Marc Ancrenaz

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