Orang-utans and Fig Trees

Apr 20, 12 Orang-utans and Fig Trees

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While conducting patrols along the rivers, roads and through the forest. the Honorary Wildlife Wardens are able to observe a variety of wildlife.  On this occasion, as they were conducting their patrol by boat, they spotted an orang-utan mother and young feeding on a fig tree by the banks of the river. Orang-utans eat a variety...

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Al-Jazeera Filming

Apr 19, 12 Al-Jazeera Filming

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Our Reforestation Team were visited by Al-Jazeera‘s Earthrise filming crew for a piece they are doing on reforestation.  At HUTAN – KOCP we focus on ensuring survival rates and we plant on a smaller scale compared to other reforestation projects to ensure that we have a 100% survival rate for our areas.  In 2010, this...

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Elephants are wonderful!

Jan 03, 12 Elephants are wonderful!

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The Kinabatangan River is a wonderful place to see elephants.  But what most visitors do not understand is that today we see so many elephants because of the lack of habitat (home) left for the elephants today. And this is why we see the elephants in the Kinabatangan today.  Perhaps, in a hundred years time if the forest in linked...

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Pygmy or just Borneo elephant?

Jan 02, 12 Pygmy or just Borneo elephant?

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Today, Sabah is known as the home of the Borneo pygmy elephant and almost everyone calls it so, but is there really such a thing as a “Borneo pygmy elephant”? Surprisingly the answer is no!  They is no such thing. So, why is it called Borneo pygmy elephant, then and why do we continue to call it so? Well, we can trace...

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