So how are the Hornbills doing?

Feb 22, 12 So how are the Hornbills doing?

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In the Kinabatangan we see the hornbills pretty much every dawn and dusk, travelling in pairs and sometimes up to six pairs!  However, this is usually the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris), which is not globally threatened. We realised that actually we know very little about the hornbills in terms of their...

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The Majestic Hornbill

Jan 18, 12 The Majestic Hornbill

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The Kinabatangan is a wonderful place to see hornbills and they are eight recorded species in the area; Helmeted hornbill  (Rhinoplax vigil) Rhinoceros hornbill  (Buceros rhinoceros) Wrinkled hornbill (Aceros corrugates) Wreathed hornbill  (Rhyticeros undulates) Bushy-crested hornbill  (Anorrhinus galeritus) White crowned...

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