Jan 12, 12 Jenny…

Jenny the orang-utan has a special place with HUTAN – KOCP staff because she was the first orang-utan in 1998 to be habituated (not stressed) by researchers following her.  We have learnt much from Jenny and have the most observational data on her.

When we started to observe Jenny in 1998, she had a young infant about two years old which was named Etin, which means little boy in the local Sungai dialect.  Once he was big enough to manage on his own, Jenny had another child which was named Mallotus after the genus of the tree in which he was born in.

Today, our teams still see and follow Jenny but within protocols and strict guidelines such as those we helped in part to design for the  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) international guidelines for Great Apes.

HUTAN/Jamil Sinyor

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