Elephants are wonderful!

Jan 03, 12 Elephants are wonderful!

The Kinabatangan River is a wonderful place to see elephants.  But what most visitors do not understand is that today we see so many elephants because of the lack of habitat (home) left for the elephants today.

And this is why we see the elephants in the Kinabatangan today.  Perhaps, in a hundred years time if the forest in linked back together successfully, we might not see them as frequently.  This will be a good thing for the elephants 🙂 because we tend to stress them out by getting too close to them.

The Borneo pygmy elephants are rather gentle compared to other elephants but getting to close to them such as seen in this picture below, stresses them out.  This is not good for the elephant nor is it safe for the humans as they could accidentally hurt or worse cause death.

Tourist getting too close to elephants puts both the elephant and tourist in danger

If you are fortunate enough to visit the Kinabatangan River and see elephants here (or somewhere else), please remind yourself that this is not good for either the elephant nor you and politely request your guide to move back.

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