Al-Jazeera’s Earthrise features Kinabatangan

May 02, 12 Al-Jazeera’s Earthrise features Kinabatangan

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Recently, Steve Chao from Al-Jazeera’s Earthrise visited us at the Kinabatangan to better understand what are the problems on the ground and how the local community is choosing to deal with it. With Mincho from Red Ape Encounters (a community based tour company) as Steve’s guide, he explorers the Kinabatangan by river...

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Elephant Research Networking

Apr 28, 12 Elephant Research Networking

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The Sabah Wildlife Department hosted this meeting which was organised by Dr. Benoît Goossens of Danau Girang Field Centre and Dr. Carl Traeholt of Copenhagen Zoo with conservationist from Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia who are working on elephant research throughout this region. Attendees were from the government sector,...

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Orang-utans and Fig Trees

Apr 20, 12 Orang-utans and Fig Trees

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While conducting patrols along the rivers, roads and through the forest. the Honorary Wildlife Wardens are able to observe a variety of wildlife.  On this occasion, as they were conducting their patrol by boat, they spotted an orang-utan mother and young feeding on a fig tree by the banks of the river. Orang-utans eat a variety...

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Al-Jazeera Filming

Apr 19, 12 Al-Jazeera Filming

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Our Reforestation Team were visited by Al-Jazeera‘s Earthrise filming crew for a piece they are doing on reforestation.  At HUTAN – KOCP we focus on ensuring survival rates and we plant on a smaller scale compared to other reforestation projects to ensure that we have a 100% survival rate for our areas.  In 2010, this...

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So how are the Hornbills doing?

Feb 22, 12 So how are the Hornbills doing?

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In the Kinabatangan we see the hornbills pretty much every dawn and dusk, travelling in pairs and sometimes up to six pairs!  However, this is usually the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris), which is not globally threatened. We realised that actually we know very little about the hornbills in terms of their...

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Wildlife Monitoring Training Programme

Feb 02, 12 Wildlife Monitoring Training Programme

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HUTAN-KOCP run wildlife monitoring training’s for Government Departments, community based organisations, conservation NGOs and corporate bodies when requested. This training was provided for Hijauan Bengkoka Plantations Sdn. Bhd. running an acacia forest plantation located on the on the Bengkoka Peninsula in the Pitas...

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The Majestic Hornbill

Jan 18, 12 The Majestic Hornbill

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The Kinabatangan is a wonderful place to see hornbills and they are eight recorded species in the area; Helmeted hornbill  (Rhinoplax vigil) Rhinoceros hornbill  (Buceros rhinoceros) Wrinkled hornbill (Aceros corrugates) Wreathed hornbill  (Rhyticeros undulates) Bushy-crested hornbill  (Anorrhinus galeritus) White crowned...

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Jan 12, 12 Jenny…

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Jenny the orang-utan has a special place with HUTAN – KOCP staff because she was the first orang-utan in 1998 to be habituated (not stressed) by researchers following her.  We have learnt much from Jenny and have the most observational data on her. When we started to observe Jenny in 1998, she had a young infant about two...

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Learning about orang-utans without stressing them out!

Jan 10, 12 Learning about orang-utans without stressing them out!

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HUTAN – KOCP’s work in Sabah, began in 1998 with the first ever study of wild populations of orang-utans living in previously logged forest (secondary forest). To do this HUTAN’s founders, primatologist Dr. Isabelle Lackman and wildlife veterinarian Dr. Marc Ancrenaz spent time in the field designing guidelines...

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