Annual Staff Party

Jan 07, 12 Annual Staff Party

Once a year, all HUTAN-KOCP staff and their families gather for our annual party following three days of intensive presentations and discussions at our Annual General Meeting.

This party sees everyone ready to belt out their favourite  karaoke songs, games for the children and the all important event the lucky draw! They are at least 100 prizes to be won and everyone buys more than a few tickets hoping to win the main prize.

The lucky draw tickets pay for all the prizes

and all extra money earned at the end of the night is

donated to a charity that benefits children in Sabah. 

“This is not only about fun but also a way to thank our families for supporting us throughout the year as we spend alot of our time away as we are in the field and do not always get to be there for our families,” shared Datu Md.Ahbam Bin Abulani who co-ordinates all the teams in Sukau.

It also puts everyone in a good state of mind to start the new year.  So once again, Happy New Year to all our friends and if you find yourself in Sukau at the beginning of a new year.  Do drop by and join us next time.

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